Best Electric Smoker Brands


The popular practice of smoking meat did not start today. It has been there for a while with the only difference being the techniques employed. Smoking generally adds extra flavor to food as compared to cooking. The modern day smoking techniques are equipped with features that make the process much easier.

Now you can smoke meat at home within a controlled environment. One of this modern day techniques is the electric smoker. Other brands of smokers include wood smokers, propane smokers and charcoal smokers. The electric smoker uses electricity as its source of power. It is also the most popular method for smoking meat due to its ease of use.

Things To Consider When Buying An Electric Smoker

There are many electric meat smoker brands on the market and sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose the best brand. Generally, there are five things you have to consider before buying the best smoker brands for your home. They are:


Different electric smoker brands come with different prices. Most people may go for the cheaper brands but this may mean sacrificing on the quality. The price of any smoker brands is determined by the material used, the brand name, safety convenience and the warranty. In buying the best smoker therefore you may have to find the balance between the price and the features.

Unit dimensions

The dimensions of the smoker represents its physical size. In buying the electric smoker you have to look at the intended purpose so that you choose the right size in that case. A smaller size smoker may be ideal for use with a small family whereas the larger sizes may be ideal for business purposes. Depending on the available space in your house, you may have to choose the smoker brands that fit within that space.

Ease of use

In choosing among the electric smoker brands, the ease of use is an important consideration. Many people have shied away from smoking by thinking it is a very difficult task. Choosing a wrong smoker will therefore make this assertion correct but choosing the right one will change this assertion. You need to choose the user friendly electric smoker brands with features that will make smoking fun.


The durability of your electric smoker is dependent on the construction material used. In acquiring your smoker, it is in your best interest that it stands the test of time. You therefore need to consider the materials used and the design so that you choose the best product.

Ease of cleaning

In choosing the electric smoker, you should consider one that is easy to maintain. After enjoying your smoked meat, it is important to use minimum efforts to get the smoker ready for the next assignment.

Review of the best six brands

We look at the best 6 brands in attempt to assist you make a decision on who makes the best electric smoker in the market. The six brands are Masterbuilt, Smoke Hollow, Char-Broil, Smokin-It, Bradley Smokers and Old Smokey.


Masterbuilt Manufacturing Inc. has been in the business of building easy to use and innovative cooking products for close to 40 years. Their first product was a propane fish cooker back in 1973. Today, they are known for producing a range of quality products including electric smokers, grills, fryers and automotive accessories. The foundation of this company was established by the McLemore’s family and it is based on faith first, then family and then the rest follows.

The Masterbuilt electric smokers are designed in a way that makes smoking a convenient, pleasurable and easy process. With these products, fears of undercooking or overcooking your food are eliminated since you can control the temperature, time and intensity of smoke by a press of a button. The remote control that comes with these products enables you to control these aspects. You can basically control both the food temperature and the cooking temperature. Their viewing window is also large enough for easier monitoring of the cooking process.

 Smoke Hollow

This brand belongs to Outdoor Leisure Products Inc. This company was established by Rick Davidson in 2005. Rick Davidson is well known for his lifetime entrepreneurial experience in the BBQ industry. This company prides itself in having a collective experience of over 125 years in designing, engineering and marketing their products for both outdoor cooking activities and the BBQ industry. They have continued to produce high quality and innovative BBQ grills and smokers.

There is a wide range of Smoke Hollow products with varying sizes and features. These products come with a perfect heat control technology to enable you cook food in the best way possible. The adjustment features are both manual and automatic for easier control of the smoke and heat during the smoking process. Most people love these products because of their customized designs. You can get a small model that fits within your kitchen or a large model for outdoor cooking.


This is one of the oldest brand in the market. It is a subsidiary of W. C. Bradley Co. and it manufactures gas, electric and charcoal grills and smokers. This company has been driven by tradition and family values for up to six generations of family ownership. Their first product was a charcoal grill in 1948. Since then they have continued to come up with innovative products in tandem with the market standards. Their innovations have made it possible for the grilling process to become easier, memorable and affordable.

Their products are efficient. An example of this efficiency is the tru-infrared grill which comes with a unique infrared grill at a very affordable price. Their products also have an elegant stainless steel finish which blends easily with your backyard. The Char-Boil products also distributes heat perfectly hence ensuring even cooking. The detachable panels also makes cleaning of these products easy.


Smokin-It brands have been around for over 7 years having sold their first product in July 2009. Their mission is to provide top quality products for your smoking needs that are also durable. Since 2009, the company has continued to grow and today it has over 3000 members on their customer forum. It has also produced new products with the digital smoker models being the highlight of their continuous improvement process. They have had successes with their 4D smokers and are currently testing the 5D and 3.5D.

Their products come with evident visual features such as stainless steel construction, rubber casters and large storage space. Their temperature controls are automatic and easier to operate as compared to many other brands of similar sizes. The products are also designed in an intelligent way that makes loading of food much easier. They are also portable with the wheels allowing easier movements around.

Bradley Smokers

Bradley Smoker traces its origin in British Columbia where the salmon are in abundance. According to Wade Bradley, the current president, this company started when his father reached a deal with a master food smoker back in the 1970s. This deal involved teaching his father how to smoke in exchange of advising the master food smoker tips on how to catch salmon. From this simple start, the company has grown and today it produces many products including Bradley Smokers, meat cures and smoking bisquettes.

The Bradley smokers are electric and hence don’t create a messy surroundings during use as is the case with charcoal and wood grills. Their controls are easy to operate and allows you to set the cooking parameters that allow the cooking process to run smoothly. The one year warranty that comes with Bradley products is also a good guarantee of their durability and serviceability.

Old Smokey

This is one of the oldest company in the smoking industry having been founded in 1923. It has a long history of modifying their products and services to meet the ever changing consumer needs. Their ability to adapt to the latest technologies in the smoking industry has led it to produce innovative products like e-smokers. For decades, Old Smokey has continued to produce magnificent products that are easy to use.

The Old Smokey products come with a variable heat control that enables you have a variety of styles and also set a variety of cooking times. The heating element for these products is rated at 1250 Watts with capacities to generate up to 250 degree Fahrenheit. With these smoking brands, you are guaranteed great results and also an assurance that your food won’t get dry.

Pros And Cons Of Electric Smokers

Smoking food has for a long time been done using various methods such as using charcoal and propane smokers. The introduction of electric smokers has brought a lot of change and so many people have begun to use them.

Electric smokers are seen as easy-to-use and convenient by many, but there is a significant number of people who are sceptical about them. So what are the pros and cons of electric smokers? ProsIt is quite simple to smoke food using an electric smoker. You do not need to pay much attention to the smoker.

All you have to do is set it up and wait for the food to smoke. It requires no supervision as it has constant supply of electricity. There is no reduction of fuel, so the food will cook at the right temperature without you having to make adjustments. With an electric smoker, you can take part in other activities while your food gets ready. It saves you the effort of coming back to check its progress every once in a while.

It is very simple to learn how to use an electric smoker.

Since there is not much activity in setting it up; you can gain the skill in a few minutes. The only thing you need to learn after that is timing and temperature regulation in order to ensure the food cooks right. If you have never used a smoker before, you would be very comfortable using an electric one.

Electric smokers are very clean. There is very little emission of waste from the electric smoker compared to other types of smokers. It operates on a clean energy source. In addition, once you are done using it, you will have an easy time cleaning it since no food sticks on it.Using an electric smoker helps you save a lot of energy. Once it is heated, the heat begins to spread equally within the smoker. There is minimal loss of energy, and since the supply is equal, the food cooks evenly and is ready within a relatively short time.

With an electric smoker, you can control the temperature at which you want to smoke your food. This means that if you prefer to have it smoked for a long time, you can reduce the temperature to as little as you wish. This way, if you want to take part in a task that could take long, you can leave your food to smoke at low temperature.

An electric smoker can smoke large amounts of food at a go. Since the heat is equally distributed, you can place as much food as can fit. It is ideal for preparing food for large gatherings. You can save a lot of money by using an electric smoker. You do not have to keep buying fuel every time you run out. Since you use electricity for many other purposes, you may only need to add a little more money to your electricity bill.

Electric smokers are safer to use than other types of cookers. Since most of them do not operate on charcoal or wood, there are lower chances of starting a fire while using the cooker. You can safely use your electric cooker near your house if you have a small compound, or on the balcony. Electric smokers are very easy to control, so unless it is faulty or left unmonitored for too long, there is a very slim chance of it overheating and causing a fire.

ConsIf you want to buy an electric smoker, you will have to spend much more than you would on a charcoal or propane smoker. In addition, just like any other electronic device, your electric cooker could be prone to mechanical problems. Fixing an electric heater is also very expensive, depending on the extent of the damage. Too much damage may leave you with no option but to let your smoker go.

Electric smokers are solely dependent on electricity. This means that if there was a problem with the power while you were in the middle of smoking, it would destroy your food. This may be a rare occurrence but with no backup plan at that time, you would definitely be stuck. People who are used to smoking their food with propane or charcoal smokers; experts, particularly, may have a problem with the way food cooks in the electric smoker.

Fuel smokers require constant monitoring of both the food and the fuel. This way, the person in charge can take a look at how well the food is smoking and turn it if necessary. Using an electric smoker involves less activity and precision. This can be a difficult adjustment for many, especially because food prepared using an electric smoker may not be the same as that prepared using traditional smokers.

If you prefer your grilled meat a little moist, you may not enjoy using an electric smoker. With a traditional smoker, you can sprinkle some water on the food as it cooks. However, with an electric smoker, this could be dangerous. You may get an electric shock. You may just have to wait for your meat to cook and eat it dry. If you use your electric smoker outside, you will have to give up smoking when it starts to rain. It is not only bad for the smoker but for the user as well. The rain will ruin your electric smoker and probably lead to electrocution.

It is important to appreciate the great improvements brought by technology. The electric smoker is one such improvement. It is a shift in the right direction where environmental conservation is concerned. In addition, it has made the art of food smoking quite convenient and uncomplicated. On the other hand, electric smokers seem to take the fun out of food smoking, due to the little activity involved. Despite the fact that electric smokers can be used by virtually anyone, it requires a lot of caution.

Make sure you follow the connection instructions carefully. You also need to call for help immediately you notice a problem with your smoker. Do not attempt to use it if it is faulty.